After starting work at a local furniture store in '71, I realized that Furniture could be more than a container in which to place your clothes, or a comfortable chair to sit on while reading a book. Furniture can become even more than a treasured family heirloom and a joy to possess and look at, drawing out your memories associated with the happiness it has brought to your life.

The practical side of employment helped me to develop an ability to look at and study the designs and flaws of manufactured furniture. I still use this learned info today when designing everything, from something simple like a small table to a shaped cabinet filled with drawers.

I have always had a desire to design and create things. I guess when you're young you don't recognize this in the same way as you do later in life. For instance, at age 18 while building a couple of custom surfboards, I didn't realize my ability to design, it was just something I wanted to do. All the Art classes in college, it never crossed my mind how valuable they would become. Yet they formed a solid foundation to build upon. Likewise the geometry from high school, that I just knew would never be used again, now I struggle to remember and use it for most projects.


The cabinet finishing shop I was fired from, because I wasn't fast enough; the Furniture store where I not only repaired defective and damaged furniture, but even had calls to modify pieces for particular situations. Starting my own business refinishing and repairing furniture in '82 up to the point of building custom furniture beginning in '86. Now today I'm not only working on commissioned pieces, but have works for Galleries and Furniture Shows. All of these experiences became building blocks, necessary steps to develop my "Style" if you will.

Like most objects in and around our life, we are the sum of our parts. This can be found in everything, no single step or part is isolated on its own. Each piece of wood, each joint affects the others around it and contribute to the whole equation. Just as what you do affects others around you, so it does with me. I believe what I've developed and have done in the past has become a part of what I am today. I hope that my Furniture will become part of your life and a small building block to your future.

My lovely Wife Karen and Myself

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